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La Lutte Social Concierge Prices & Services 

For any speaking engagements please contact via email.

Half of the fee is due upon request Via PayPal.

If you have any questions, please contact Brittany Hall via email [email protected]

Concierge Start Up Pack

This fee includes 1 hour to conduct your plans and ideas. The Social Concierge Private Lessons will assist you with setting goals, creating hashtags for your Brand, and setting up a set schedule. Once we discover your troubles with Social Media we would then create a Bonding relationship to MASTER your Social Media Plan / Business Ideas.

Let’s Get to Business

This Social Concierge Monthly Fee includes making sales, hitting your goals, and discussing any new & upcoming events / social media creations.

Let The Social Concierge Take Control

This Social Concierge Fee includes connecting you with the correct Business connections to make sure your event comes to life. As well as weekly meetings to follow up on business ventures. This package also includes La Lutte working the event to make sure everything runs smoothly up to 4 hours. Restrictions do apply

What our customers are saying

La Lutte has the greatest events in Houston.  So many opportunities to develop as a Business Owner.

Service Prices

Compare the  service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service


Per Month



Monthly Service 


Per Month 

Best for General Upkeep


Daily Service


Per Month

Best for Events 


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