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Does it matter if you have 10 guest or 100? #LALUTTEGIVEBACK2017

HELLO LADIES & GENTS!!! So lets talk about entrepreneur events & rsvps.  As a lot of you all may know I held a give - back event on 2-25-17, and  in my opinion the purpose & turnout of donations was amazing.  However, I did notice that a lot of prospective but did not show up & I mean a nice amount of people.  So my question to you guys is how do you prevent that from happening?  I was prepared for over 60 guest, and guess what ?  ONLY 15 showed up!!! I wasn't totally distraught because I dd receive a lot of donations, but what if I had gift bags for all of  the guest (that didn't show) or food prepared for all of the guest(who never came?)  As a Business Owner I understand events are a gamble but as a common courtesy PLEASE DON'T RSVP for an event if you're not attending.  Entrepreneurs if no-one tell you I would like to say I am very proud of your courage, it takes a lot to become a Business Owner & You're Doing A DAMN GOOD JOB!

In other news I dropped off all of the donations today 3-1-17 to Sally House, and the feeling of knowing I helped someone was amazing.  Please check out the pictures below of #LALUTTEGIVEBACK 

Sidenote: I would love to hear your feedback. Please email [email protected]

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What motivates you ?

February10, 2017

What motivates you to BOSS UP?  Everyone should have some kind of motivation right?  Well my motivation is a little different from others; however, we all have that One common goal and thats to BOSS TF UP.  

As a business owner some things are more exciting  but also their are things that I absolutely hate doing.  I know this may sound crazy but I have real life moments where I hate talking to people on the phone.  I know the calls are important but I just sometimes don't want to talk.  My Motivation is Josaiah (my son) & being able to take care of my granny and mother one day.  I pray for that day to come sooner than later.

Love You Guys,

Brittany - CEO - La Llutte Empire

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